One of my favorite things about blogging is I have the opportunity to try things that I never would have even looked at before, and to my surprise I have really enjoyed 99% of the products I have come across.  So this one is all about having fun!  

B-Skinz was developed in 2007 with the goal to develop more athletic wear for women that still allow them to sport individuality in color and style.  B-Skinz athletic wear has over 125 different colors and bold patterns and I was lucky enough to try them! 

B-Skinz shorts are a high-quality nylon spandex that really stay where they are supposed to!   This is a huge plus when working out, after all who wants to constantly be worried about shorts that are going into places they need not to be!  The comfort level is a huge plus to! I highly recommend checking these out for their affordability, style, and quality. 

B-Skins also offers clothing for girls, boys & men.  While they are traditionally offering athletic clothing, I found a few dresses on their site that I am really looking forward to ordering.  Check them out!
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