Boogie Wipes

One of those Ah-Ha moments where you think…. Man why didn’t I think of this?  If your like me, you have come to use diaper wipes for just about everything.  Did you know they are a great make-up remover? Oh back to the kids right? Well I have used my fair share of wipes on my kiddo’s faces.  Poor kids probably thought that’s what they were supposed to be fore. But none the less they hated it and a traditional wipe can be harsh on your skin, especially if you use them often.  After all, a diaper wipe was not made to wipe your face now was it?

Now there is Boogies, which is for quick effective clean-up and relief of stuck on boogies.  While we are in the heart of flu season, cold and allergy season is just around the corner!  These saline and vitamin E enriched wipes provide excellent relief to those poor little faces.  These soft Boogie Wipes even smell good!  My favorite scent is “Fresh Scent” but they also have “Great Grape Scent” and that was Mr. Maisons favorite. 

Oh my poor children will never be too old to take a wipe to that horrid dirt on their face.  Yes, I am the mommy that uses wipes on my kids face for a quick wipe down before we go into the store, into a restaurant, or in anywhere for that matter!  Boogie Wipes are perfect to carry around everywhere, especially in their compact package. 



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  1. Wipes for everything!

  2. Quick hand clean when you can't use soap and water.


  3. I use baby wipes to get food stains off of my microfiber couch.

  4. I use them for me, for wiping up when camping, and for wiping down pretty much anything. I use boogie wipes though specifically for boogers lol I like them in the winter and that they smell like grape since the boys hate when I wipe them!

  5. Elizabeth KassonMarch 6, 2013 at 9:42 AM

    wiping little faces and my computer screen lol they are very gentle!