As I have gotten older, I have found more and more traditional items in my home.  I forgot how much fun a pair of slippers could be!! Check these out, I picked out the Black Bear Paw slippers because of how different they were and I have to admit they are extremely warm and comfortable!  Why haven’t I tried these sooner?

BunnySlippers.Com has so many different kinds of slippers from animal slippers, novelty, and character slippers, I was amazed with the different selection.  I also found microwaveable slippers, light slippers, and sock slippers on I can’t wait to try the microwaveable slippers, my feet are always cold and I pretty much wear slippers any time I’m home. 

I also really liked the quality of the slippers.  Although they ship internationally for orders, Portland OR is their home, so these are not going to be your cheap slippers that fall apart right after you get them.

If you want to do some shopping for the whole family, I suggest checking out  There is really the perfect fit for everyone from cute and cuddly and then back to traditional slippers.  Even Jen snuck in on some Bunny Slipper action!

Bunny Slippers Website

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  1. I love how your cat has claimed these slippers

  2. These look so funny I am going to have to get some for my kids

  3. OMG! I love these. Totally need to get some.

  4. Hahahaha Those are hardcore awesomely cuteee! I love the slippers.

  5. I love this company! They have the cutest slippers!

  6. very cute product, great review:) love the paw slippers perfect for the little ones