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So I have to admit I love coffee and anything else that is a hot relaxing drink! In the mornings, I just can’t get motivated without a hot steaming cup of something.  Pretty sad right?  So when I had the opportunity to review Café’ Escapes K-Cups I jumped all over it!!

I have a hard time with milk/dairy products and I really have to watch my dairy intake or hubby is going to be waiting on me hand and foot.  Which I guess isn’t necessarily a bad thing.  But when I heard Café’ Escapes is a collection of hot cocoas and dairy based beverages I was a little nervous and took it slow.  That didn’t last long.  I loved them!! My favorite is the Café’ Caramel that was just introduced in 2012. Of course there are several other flavors to like the Dark Chocolate hot cocoa and Café’ Mocha.  The kids really liked the Café’ Mocha and that is a regular in our house since our last visit to Grandma’s this summer.  Thanks grandma! 

Now generally I am worried about drinking my calorie intake for the day because most flavored drinks have a ton of calories.  I love that Café’ Escapes are each 70 calories or less and all gluten free while still being full of flavor!  Another win win! 


Check out Café’ Escapes for yourself:

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