Chobani Champions

I can’t think of anything easier then giving the boys each 2 tubes of Chobani Champion Tubes for breakfast with some toast! Thank you Chobani for a super easy breakfast making our mornings not only a little less stressful but much easier to get out the door.

Mr. Maison loved the Jamin’ Strawberry and Jeramiah just couldn’t get enough of the Rockin’ Blueberry.  My favorite part is both the boys were getting a good source of protein, calcium and vitamin D.  But of course I couldn’t let them have all the fun, I had to give it a try to!

The 100 calorie cups are a wonderful breakfast and I really enjoyed the raspberry with dark chocolate chips!  This brand of Greek yogurt is not only amazingly delicious, but knowing that Chobani uses only natural ingredients is also major plus.  How can you go wrong with something so delightfully simple?

If you haven’t checked out Chobani’s Facebook, you’re missing out! Weekly they offer great giveaways for boxes, boxes, and even more boxes of their delightful cup flavors.

Also check them out on their other social media sites:


  1. These sound amazing!

  2. Your kids are to cute! I bet they loved these and I cant wait to give them to mine

  3. We love Greek Yogurt!!!