Daily Affirmations For Love

Dr. Mamiko Odegard
         Love and Self-Esteem Expert

 Written by Dr. Mamiko Odegard, Daily Affirmations for Love is the perfect gift not only for Valentines Day, but any day. 

While avoiding statics in this blog, it’s clearly obvious that relationships in todays world are not as strong as they should be.  Now believe me, I’m not one to preach especially when it comes to the topic of relationships, but I have built a bond with my husband that we won’t let anything destroy.  When you work on a marriage and never give up, the outpour of love is unconditional.

While the book is not a daily task list, there is a sweet memo for every day of the year that simple tells her thought for the day about the love of her life.   These sweet moments are expressed in a very easy to read context and personally make me reflect on my own love of my life. 

“Nothing is better than your whispering words of love in my ear”, (PG. 19 for February 1st.)  Sweet thoughts like these are followed by a brief description of how these moments make the bond and love grow stronger for her and her husband. 

I really look forward to reading a part of this book each day throughout the year. My husband and I have a remarkable bond and I know something like this can only make it stronger.

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