Dead Sea Salt Scrub


I have done it again!  I have found yet another product to add to this weeks pampering me list! YAY!!! Can we say that this week I am a little spoiled? Oh yea!

Dead Sea Salt Scrub is another one that has made the AlyGators approval list! While it is made in Israel, the aromatic body treatment is nourishing and exfoliating.  The scent junkie in me gives this two thumbs up all the way.  The different mixture of oils provides not only a relaxing atmosphere but a true addiction to the aromatherapy.

There are many ways to enjoy the Dead Sea Salt Scrub, so I was more than happy to try each different way.  The scrub is a wonderful exfoliates and the oils soften and moisturize your skin.  Also, a more traditional and my favorite use is to simply put a few teaspoons into a nice hot relaxing bath and gracefully enjoy! 

Thank you Dead Sea Spa for the opportunity to try your Salt Scrub, we give you an A+!


  1. I so need this, winter has been harsh on my skin this year!

  2. I tried this a long time ago and had forgotten about it, it was awesome! Now I need to get some more :)

  3. Now that sounds divine! I think I should get some of this & have a pamper me day as well. ;-)