Kopali Organics

What’s better with a cup of coffee than some chocolate?  I really can’t think of a single thing and have been muchin on Kopali Organic Chocolate all morning!
Not only are they vegan and made with 100% organic ingredients, I do believe I have found my little piece of heaven.  I had a friend a while back that was always eating chocolate cover espresso beans, and I could never understand what the purpose of that was.  Well today I got to try some first hand and not only are they pretty darn good but they contain no refined sugars, trans fat, or dairy. Plus Kopali Organics is Fair Trade Certified meaning they are directly supporting small farmers.  I have talked a little bit about what it means to be Fair Trade Certified in the past, but for Kopali Organics it means the entire process of making these delicious chocolates for you, stays in Peru so they can guarantee the highest quality of flavor and still support the farmers that put so much time and effort into each bag.

 Now while my favorite was the Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans, the boys got a kick out of Organic Dark Chocolate Covered Banana.  Yes I said dark chocolate.  I am not a big fan of dark chocolate and neither are my kids, but Kopali Organics uses pure and natural sugars so I really couldn’t tell the difference.  The chocolate was really smooth and flavorful, not at all like anything you would expect. 

Do I recommend Kopali Organics? Absolutly!  Not only for their flavor, but the Fair Trade Certification really means a lot in my books to.  I actually encourage you to do some research on what it means to be Fair Trade Certified, or maybe I’ll write about it more later. 

Check out Kopali Organics here:

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