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 I would like to start by welcoming you to Back Road Momma. We are a family blog based on our personal experiences and life events.

About Our Family 
     We're a pretty simple family of 6 who enjoy being outdoors, crafting, traveling, and trying new things!  Baby Kolton is our newest love and our older children are 8, 12, and 14.  Our country home is loud and a little crazy at times but we wouldn't have it any other way!

About Back Road Momma
Back Road Momma is a fun place where as a family, we share our daily adventures, projects, DIY crafts, product reviews and shopping tips!

We are a PR friendly site and love to share our experiences and promotions with our readers. We do not charge a fee to write the product reviews or to host the giveaways. However, I do require a full size product to create a thorough review which will not be returned.  This includes products shipped to giveaway winners.

Once a review is written, it will remain on BackRoadMomma.com and shall not be deleted. I will gladly provide you with a link to the review once it has been completed. If you have specific links you would like included in the review, I will be happy to include those. It is my goal to complete all reviews within 2-3 weeks of fully testing the products or services, though many are completed within 1 week. If a product is broken or not in the form that it suppose to be when I receive it, I will contact the company to allow errors to be corrected before posting a negative review. If you desire me to try your product/service again at a future date I will be glad to assist you.

I will also gladly consider publishing your sponsored posts, running your ad on my blog and other advertising services. For more details on any of these services, please contact me at backroadmomma@yahoo.com or if you need any more information please contact me.

Blog Statistics:

Page Views: 10,000 Monthly
Sites Linking in: 53
Alexa Page Ranking 5,811,000

Facebook Fans: 4,000+  http://www.facebook.com/backRoadMomma
Twitter Followers: 700+ Http://twitter.com/BackRoadMomma
Pinterest 775+  https://www.pinterest.com/backroadmomma/
Instagram 275+  https://www.instagram.com/backroadmomma2/

In the past we have primarily focused on sharing our content on Facebook.  However, we are currently working to grow our other social media outlets.  Through hard work and dedication, I know our numbers will continue to grow!


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