Nailtiques Nail Protein Formula 2

So for today only we are going to pretend it is the end of the world and I can tell you all my darkest secrets.  Ok, not really but I can tell you one.  I am almost 30 years old and up until my experience with Jamberry I bit my nails.  Jamberry protected my nails without the use of acrylics and allowed them to really grow again.  Although I don’t know why I am finally able to break this habit, or even if I truly I am thankful and extremely proud! 

In the mean time, I have been using Nailtiques Nail Protein to help strengthen my nails and it has done so much more than that!  The Formula 2 treatment is specifically for soft, peeling, bitten, week or thin nails.  Well that basically sums up a complete description of my nails.  But after a full week, I am truly able to see a 100% difference!  The protein enriched formula bonds to your nails and immediately acts to help protect them from splitting or peeling. 

Every morning I have been applying the protein to my nails and found that this was a process really hard to mess up.  The clear formula is basically splatter proof, no worry if you don’t have a steady hand because even if you make a little mess it cleans up really easily. 

So back on the topic of my naughty secrets?  My hubby said a few years ago if I stopped biting my nails I could have anything I wanted, anything at all!!! What should I ask for ladies? 

Thank you Nailtiques for helping me conquer something I believed was impossible.  I never would have thought I could not only grow out my nails but then keep them as well!!

I have some bottles of Nailtiques Nail Protein Formula 2 to give away!! The more people who enter, the more we will give away so get your friends together and enter enter enter!
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  1. I bite my nails down to the point where they hurt. I'd love to stop biting them and I think this would be perfect for me to stop biting them.

  2. my nails grow all crazy and funcky Id love to try this though

  3. My nails brake all the time easy I would give it a try :)

  4. My nails have no polish on them. They need to be filed to shape them. Nail clippers. Poor neglected nails. At least they are clean. :) Only thing going for them.


  5. Me nails are pretty brittle to! This would be a dramatic difference!

  6. I would love to try this