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While Jen likes to wait for the mail man daily she doesn’t really get to enjoy what is inside the packages as much as we do.  A while back we had the opportunity to review Newman’s Own Organics food and as a family, we enjoyed every bite of it.  Newman’s Own Organics also offers pet products so I knew with as much as we loved their snacks the pet food would be good for Jen.

Last night she was looking rather pathetic sitting on the couch, I think she has a cold, so to make her feel better I went ahead and opened up one of the cans before I was really ready to do the review.  Not only were the cans easy to open with the pop-tab feature, but the shallow can allowed me to get the food out really easy.

Can we say pig?  Once she knew that was her treat, it was gone instantly!  I’m pretty sure she didn’t even take breath in-between bites.  Yes she is rather spoiled and considering she is 17 years old, she has every right to be.

Newman’s Own Organics carries their quality right on over to their pet foods as they are also made with organic meat and vegetables such as organic barley, organic peas, organic flax seed, and natural meats.  With hubby working in the chicken industry, I can guarantee you some of your favorite fast food restaurants use poultry by products.  Newman’s Own Organics does not, so there is no ground up beaks, feet, or feathers in their food.  But that’s a story for another time.   Get a complete list of what is and what is not in their pet food here.  CLICK HERE

Newman’s Own Organics is a favorite in our house, and after you try both their people and pet food, I am sure they will be in yours.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above free for review purposes. Regardless, I will only recommend products that I have personally tested/tried and believe will be a good fit for my readers.


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    1. Koko has been getting spoiled by my mom. Know matter what i say

  2. We've long enjoyed Newman's Own Organics products for the humans in the family, and not long ago, I got a can of NOO cat food for my cat. She loved it! The ingredients are top-notch. When I see it on sale, I'm going to stock up.