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Pampers Kandoo Products
I have always been a fan of Pampers products so it should be no surprise that you will find the Pampers logo somewhere in our house. 

With us being in the heart of the flu season, hand sanitizer or hand patizer as Mr. Maison calls it, is a must! So far we have done pretty good to stay away from the flu in our house, knock on wood, but that is only with the help of products like this.

Pampers Kandoo has introduced a vitamin E enriched foaming hand sanitizer that is alcohol free!  And have you seen this cute design on the pump?  My boys love frogs and mommy used to collect them so the pump design is also a big hit.

After killing 99.9% of germs, Pampers Kandoo hand sanitizer left my hands soft and did not leave behind any film.  The kids think this one is fun to use, so I don’t have to remind them to use it.  Win win!

Check out other new Pampers Kandoo products! We also had the opportunity to use their Flushable Wipes which are unscented and made for sensitive skin.  Their thick durability is a plus for any baby job.  These were great for the boys when they were potty training or after a really bad diaper.  Yes, these Pampers Kandoo wipes have been around for a while but we will forever use them in our home.   

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  1. Because they kill germs without drying out skin.


  2. I love Pampers because they are so gentle.

  3. We love pampers, but I had no idea they had hand sanitizer!

  4. I love pampers because I got so used to using their brand after both my babies staying in the hospital after they were born. It just feels comfortable and I know that it works!

  5. Elizabeth KassonMarch 6, 2013 at 9:49 AM

    Pampers products are amazing! This new sanitizer would be very useful around my house!

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