Precision Pro Digital Kitchen Scale

As we pass further and further away from the New Year and all of our resolutions, it can become easy to forget about eating healthy and slip back into old habits.  It happens we are only human of course.  But I have to say, as long as I am staying home and not eating fast food, keeping track of what we have been eating is getting easier and easier every day. 

I recently received the Precision Pro Digital Kitchen Scale and we have found so many uses for it both in and out of the kitchen!  My favorite use of course is weighing our meals so we can have a better idea of true serving sizes. 

The Precision Pro Digital Kitchen Scale is extremely easy to use. I simple put a bowl on it and then hit the “tare” button which resets the weight back to 0.  After everything is all reset, I put the chicken in the bowl and WALA! This size serving was enough for hubby and I tonight, and now we have a more realistic idea of what a true serving of meat consist of. 

I enjoy using this kitchen scale because it’s pretty easy operate plus the slim compact design is big enough to put a bowl on and then still doesn’t take up a lot of counter space.  This is a great feature when you have limited counter space like we do. 

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  1. I'll have to check this out, we need a new kitchen scale