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Sibu Sea Buckthorn Cleansing Face and Body Bar

I am always excited to try new skin care products because I truly believe that one day I will find exactly what is perfect for me.  Well this week I got to check out SIBU Beauty and they offer a Sea Buckthorn cleansing face and body bar. 

When I opened the well wrapped bar the smell was intoxicating and I couldn’t wait to try it out.  I absolutly love the way the sea Buckthorn Cleansing Bar smells. The bar really lathered up well and left my skin feeling moistened, but not weighted down and still refreshed. 

The bars contain coconut oil, palm oil, and safflower oil among other ingredients.  With this many oils I was really worried about how my skin would react.  To my surprise the Sea Buckthorn Cleansing bar didn’t leave behind a residue and my skin had no negative reaction.  This is a wonderful sign when your skin is as sensitive as mine. 

I will continue using the Sea Buckthorn Cleansing bar because I loved the way it made my skin feel and the wonderful smell.  Plus I was really impressed in their Giving Back program.  In 2001, SIBU Beauty founder Bruce McMullin established the Tashi Foundation, which is a non-profit philanthropic organization designed to provide financial and resource support for the people of Tibet.  The Sibu sea buckthorn berries are exclusively harvested here.   

Sibu is also the second product that we have reviewed that carries the Forest Stewardship Council Certification.  All Sibu Beauty packaging and printed literature carries the FSC logo, a non-profit organization is devoted to encouraging the responsible management of the worlds forest. 

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  1. I love when a product smells good and not like it is meant to cleanse which sometimes can be downright yuck! I really want to try Sibu out :) Thanks for the review!

  2. I just heard of Sea Buckthorn recently but had no clue what it was. This makes me really want to try it now, especially knowing that it didn't have any bad reactions on sensitive skin.

  3. I love SIBU Beauty products. I have wanted to try the cleansing bar and you have made it sound even more interesting to me.
    great review :)

  4. I really want to try this, it sounds amazing! I had heard of it briefly but never in detail , thanks for sharing.

  5. I just got these products because I have heard such great stuff about them

  6. I love Sibu products. Thank you for this great review.