SunBaby Cloth Diapers

If your like me you look for every possible way to save a little bit of money here and there.  When my boys were little, cloth diapers were the cheese cloth type rag and sharp safety pins.  I thought it was a great idea when my oldest was born, after all we lived in the country and had hard wooden floors, so it didn’t seem to bad.  Well that didn’t last long because the options that are available today, were unheard of then.

I found some really pretty cloth diaper designs at Sunbaby Diapers.  Basically there are 2 sizes of diapers for cloth diapers, so you can buy 20-30 diapers of each size and that basically last you until they outgrow that size.  I was a little over whelemed with the price of cloth diapers until I did the math and realized that a pack of diapers, ($10) every week (4 weeks a month) until a child is 3 years old (times 36 months) can really add up! Grand total: $1440 and that’s figuring on cheap diapers and hoping you don’t use more than a pack a week.

Take a look at Sunbaby and their adorable and affordable designs.
Sunbaby Diapers
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  1. We have thought about using cloth diapers but I guess we will have to look into it more since you did the math....

  2. I was considering cloth diapers. I am thinking about it and going to look more into it.

  3. I had no idea cloth diapers were so advanced! While we are expecting our second child, this is something we really need to look into.