What a relief Thera Pearl has been for me this week!  For those who know me personally you know I have horrible pains not only during my menstrual cycle but also when I ovulate.  The doctors recommendation; go home take some pain meds go to sleep. WOW… That’s not just one doctor that’s several so when I found therapearl I was defiantly ready to try something new.  I have used heating pads and they are reliving however sitting still or trying to not get tangled up in the cords is just plain annoying.

The pearl technology offers hot and cold therapy recommended for 20 minute intervals I found the thera pearl stayed hot and cold much longer than what is recommended for use.  The soft squishy design also made it fun to hold and easy to lay into place on the desired place of interest. 

Therapearl offers several different forms of the wrap / pack.  These could come in especially handy during sports season to strap on to my knees and shins! 

With two kids around, you never know when you’re going to need cold compress.  I will defiantly be ordering a second one real soon.  One to keep ready to simply throw in the microwave for 30 seconds and one waiting in the freezer for the bumps and bruises my rough and tumble children get a little to often.  

I am for one impressed with the TheraPearl design.  They are quick, convenient, and easy to handle and now you can have one to!  Be sure to check out their website for ordering information.

TheraPearl has offered us an additional Contour Pack for a giveaway, be sure to claim your entries below.

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  1. I would use it for my knees and hips as i have lots of metal in them and have had many surgeries.

  2. I would use this on my bad foot and leg as I wait tell I have surgery numer 3 that they are talking about

  3. My hubs would LOVE this for his knee & back. Especially his knee since he might need a 2nd surgery on it.

  4. This sounds great for my knee. Ice packs are hard to keep in place and the old runner's method with the bag of peas is just plain gross after a while. uggh

  5. This would be great for my shins!

  6. i would use it for my back or knee, both tend to have fits sometime. Would be a soothing way to heal them.

  7. I would use this on my knees, ever since i was little i have had horrible problems

  8. Oh my back is begging for this!

  9. My knee has bothered me most days since I had surgery when I was 15 (20+ yrs ago). This would be great on those days when it's more than just an annoying ache.

  10. I actually have this in mind for my husband. He's a welder so you can imagine the crouching and bending he has to do with his job. He's like a broke toy when he gets home from work.