This one's for the Dads

Oh mommy moments… They can be frustrating, rewarding, exciting, and funny but most of all they are moments only a mom will brag about.  Justin and I divorced in 2007, and we have since moved on and both found amazing futures.  I am so happy for him and his girlfriend as they are expecting their first baby together in July, but it was just recently Justin sat the boys down to tell the boys his big news.  Justin waited until we were all together to spill the beans.  Both boys together, my hubby, his girlfriend, and here comes the big news. 

“Boys, you are going to both be big brothers, Christina and I are having a baby.”  Jeramiah’s first words “How?” Ummmmmmmmmmmm CRAP That’s a discussion for the dads, mommy is staying out of this one!  Good Luck Justin and Steven, you dads have fun explaining this one! 

I am so fortunate to not only have a wonderful husband but a great ex-husband for moments like these!  Haha mommy is sneaking out the door and leaving this one for the dads.