Toby and His Hospital Friends

On Toby's Terms
I love setting a new book out on the table for the kids to find, it’s like telling them to read, without telling them to do anything at all.  Sure enough, they picked it right up after school today.

Toby and his Hospital Friends written by Charmaine Hammond is going to be another favorite in our house. 

Toby and his hospital friends is an easy to read and very colorful book based on a true story and movie On Toby’s Terms.  Toby is a pet therapy dog who gets so very excited to visit and comfort children in the hospital.  As many parents know, and I am one of them, having a child in the hospital is a very stressful and scary time, not only for the parents but the kids to.  Pet therapy is a great stress release and Toby is just proof of that.

This book also features a list of questions that encourage interactive reading to help a child understand what they are reading rather than just skimming on through it.  I love how this book is interactive, based on a true story, and provides more insight to my kids on what it is like for children in the hospital. 

Charmaine Hammond has graciously agreed to participate in a giveaway with a copy of Toby and his Hospital Friends.  So don’t forget to check Toby out on these additional links:

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  1. Good concept sounds like a sweet book

  2. it brings you some where in mind, idk how to explain what i mean, i just always enjoyed reading and now i wish i had more time for it

  3. Reading is my escape, and it teaches children to dream and use their imagination.

  4. Reading helps the imagination and it is a good relaxer and can help explain hard subjects

  5. Elizabeth KassonMarch 6, 2013 at 9:28 AM

    Reading is relaxing and makes you use your brain! Reading is essential for children!