Backyard Safari Outfitters

Spring is finally here and summer is just around the corner so I am always trying to push the kids to go play outside, after all there is no reason to be cooped up in the house when it’s so nice out!  Well Backyard Safari Outfitters kept Mr. Maison busy for hours last night!!!

We received a Cargo Vest which holds all of his little “findings”, tools, and toys.  It has large pockets which are great for the Field Binocs.  I think Maison could have slept in this last night if I would have let him.  What a goof!  The Cargo Vest is well made; he’s not going to destroy it after playing with it just a few times even when he uses the D-Rings on it to hold other toys.  I love the quality of this vest!

The Field Binocs are pretty standard for a kiddo’s binoculars. But I was really surprised at how clear they were especially for a 5x30 zoom.  They are adjustable and waterproof which is good considering we have the pool in the back yard, or for those days they get left out in the rain.  Why can’t kids just bring everything in when they are done with it? Oh well, that’s ok because I know these wont get ruined by a little rain.  A+ there!

We also received a Lazer Light Bug Vacuum, how cool is that!  I don’t know how many bugs Maison was able to suck up, but it was pretty cool watching him try.  There is a light at the end of it to help you see the tiny ones and they go right into a Capture Core where the kids can sit there and watch them.  That was pretty interesting.

The last toy we received from Backyard Safari Outfitters is a Land and Water Habitat.  I couldn’t believe how well made this is!  It’s absolutely heavy duty and a beautiful habitat for the kids to watch their new finds.   I’m sure the kids will be looking for more critters to put in it tonight! Yuck!! Can I tell them to leave it outside? Ohhhhhh I better just stick with leaving it closed! The habitat provides a very natural and safe home for all the critters. YAY me….

Check out Backyard Safari Outfitters, you can find them at Wal-Mart, Target, Toys R Us, Barns and Noble and   As much as I don’t like the bugs and slugs my kids do and they really had a blast with this one!

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  1. Looks like a ton of fun!!

  2. I love the habitat! I used to love that kind of stuff when I was a kid and now I'm forcing mine to love it too! lol

  3. My Z would love this stuff! AWESOME safari toys

  4. wow amazing for the boys

  5. Very nice! My son and nephew would love this stuff!

  6. when my kids were younger they adored these things. we still have a habitat that they use on occasion. Great toys to get creative

  7. I love this! I have girls, and It is so hard to get them into stuff like this! But its worth a shot!

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