Glow Bug Cloth Diapers

Cloth diapers are really proving to not be what they used to.  With most things that can come as a disappointment, but with cloth diapers this is an exciting change for sure. 

 There are so many amazing designs and styles that just keep improving time after time.  Glow Bug Cloth Diaper is proving to be another company keeping up with the times.

 So why exactly should you switch to cloth diapers? Their so much cheaper as your using the same diaper over and over plus how cute are these?  I like Glow Bug Cloth diapers because of their superior design in not only fashion but they offer a thick cloth diaper without the excess bulk that just gets in the way.  Plus one diaper can adjust all the way from newborn size to toddler!  These really go a long way!

Thank you Glow Bug for providing an “Old-School” design to today’s times!     GLOW BUG WEBSITE  CLICK HERE

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  1. I really wish I would have went with cloth diapers for my little guy, disposables give him a rash :( Plus these are way cuter!

  2. Those are so cute! I wish I would have done cloth diapers for my daughters.

  3. Super cute designs! With any luck I'll have another baby and can use them!

  4. love these cute diapers! Can't wait til I have a kiddo and we can have an excuse to get them hehe

  5. So many cute designs! And I love that they fit from newborn to toddler!