Bamboo Childrens Dinner Set

Sometimes the kids can be pretty picky eaters and other times it’s just hard to get them to slow down long enough to actually sit at the dinner table for meals.  We always try to make meal time fun and a family event and one of the things that helps the most is kid friendly dinner sets. 

One of my favorite kids dinner sets comes from Bamboo Studio.  I ordered the Bamboo Kids 5 Piece Monkey Set and all of the kids want a turn finishing their meals out of it because it’s so much fun to find the monkey’s smile when their food is all gone.  I love it when they finish their food!!

I thought this was one of the cutest sets I’ve seen in a long time!  There is a plate, bowl, cup, and of course the spoon and fork.  How neat is that?

These sets are made from 100% natural bamboo which makes them eco-friendly, biodegradable/compostable and there isn’t any harsh chemicals or bleach.  And even though they are made out of bamboo I can even stick them in the dishwasher, YAY!

Check out this set and all of the different kids sets at the following links;

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  1. Those are so adorable! My toddler is starting to feed herself so I need those!

  2. Z would love this and I do, too!

  3. So adorable! We love monkeys around here!

  4. This set is so cute! I have to check out and see what else they have. Thanks

  5. my granddaughter loves her own plates! especially the ones like this that keep one food from spilling over or touching her other food! kids are funny like that! She would love this one, she has monkey pjs, monkey socks, panties, sock monkeys , you name it, if it is monkey, she wants it!