Champ the Fur Champion

We’ve had little Miss K now for two weeks tomorrow and it has been one of the most challenging cases.  Challenging because of the reasons we received her and how the abuse and neglect have left her so far behind the other children.  The stressful situations she faced at home have also taught her how to throw one heck of a massive temper tantrum and it really is heartbreaking.

I am constantly looking for different ways to comfort these children.  Each child is very different from the rest and there is never “one size fits all” method to anything we do.  During my research I was looking at different comforting toys and activities and I remembered from my law enforcement training that something so simple as a stuffed animal can mean the world to any child, especially one is Miss K’s situation.  So I contacted Build-A-Bear Workshops to see what their focuses were towards Child Abuse.

It turns out Build-A-Bear Workshop has Champ- A Champion Fur Kids.  Part of the proceeds from Champ go to organizations that promote and provide support for children in areas of health and wellness, organizations that serve children with special needs, and my favorite organizations for child safety.  The goal for the proceeds of Champ “make the world a healthier happier place for kids”. 

Little Miss K goes EVERYWHERE with Champ!  She came with a few other stuffed animals when we got her but she really didn’t even notice them or want anything to do with them.  Champ is a brand new bear just for her and I really think she notices the difference between something she got “that night” and something new, fresh, and to help her start over.  Champ’s fur is also glimmers and shines and the outfits Build-A-Bear Workshop sent were just her style as well!  I loved the bright pink shirt, colorful pants, and sparkled shoes.  The array of colors makes Miss K smile every-time she hugs Champ and that is a wonderful start in a fresh direction. 

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  1. How cute is that Bear!!! I can think of a lot of kids who would go crazy over it!

  2. He is so adorable! I love the shorts and shirt set! Perfect for summer!

  3. I love this! I want him for my girls.

  4. This is really cute and I just love styling that you have applied on it.Good work.