How neat would it be if you could give each of your kids the exact same necklace and tell them that both of their names are incorporated into the design?  What about those days you need a little inspiration and would love to have some “Faith” around your neck or the evenings where you are just totally in love and “love” would be the perfect word for your necklace?

Well with Zymbol you can have any word you want in one simple pendant.  Every single letter of the alphabet can be found within the design and I think this makes such a sweet and personal pendant. 

“Zymbol started as a “doodle”.  Sally Short stacked each letter of the phrase “love is all u need” on top of each other, then added the peace sign.”  It was quickly discovered that the letter “K” stood out and then they realized that the design included every letter of the alphabet and every number! 

I love our Zymbol necklace we received and I can’t wait to give it to one of the boys and let them know that whenever they need just a little inspiration or even “MOMMY LOVES YOU” messages, they will always have it right around their neck.  This is one of those pieces that’s  perfect for anyone because the personalization is endless. 
Also, when you purchase a Zymbol, they give one to the Childrens Hospital.  Click here for more information.  This is an amazing program!

“MOMMY LOVES YOU”   “ALWAYS DO YOUR BEST”   “ALWAYS RESPECT” “KNOW NO LIMITS” “ALWAYS LOVE” I could go on and on with the messages I want my boys to always remember, but I should leave some wonder up to them to discover. 

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  1. these are unique and so cute! I love it!!

  2. These are really unique. I'd love to have one. Thanks for sponsoring this give-a-way.
    ~Darlene Arnold
    snacee (at) Scottsboro (dot) org

  3. very unique would love to win this...


  4. I would really love to win this! It is such a beautiful necklace!

  5. I love how creative these necklaces are.

  6. What a great concept

  7. yayy someone that gives back to the childrens hospital!! Love the pendant!!

  8. This is cool! I love it!