Lunch Box Treats

I really do have a hard time accepting the fact that my babies are growing up and today wasn’t any easier sending my youngest off to 2nd grade and my oldest to 4th.  Wow where has the time gone? 

Well as we approached the first day of school I had been looking for goodies to stuff their lunch boxes with  and I have found a few companies that have provided just the right treats.  One of my favorite snack companies is Newman’s Own Organics.  Oh and the kids love it to!

Newman’s Own Organics has everything from dried organic apple rings, raisins, to organic cookies!  Today I filled the kiddo’s up with their favorite Newman O’s and after school I already have some of the Dried Apples out for them. 
The raisins come in their own cute little boxes which are perfect for throwing in the lunch box quickly. And the cookies fit nicely in some little tubs I got recently at Toys R Us.  But one of my favorite products is the Alphabet cookies.  I took the time to spell out the kids name in the cookies and put them in the tubs so they can “play” a little with their food.  How fun is that right?

 Newman’s Own Organics always seem to amaze me.   Their products are of course made out of organic wheat flower and organic sugar which is a huge plus to me because that means I’m not filling them up on processed sugar and sending them back to class.  But most of all, my kids love their products regardless if it’s lunch time, after school snack time, or right before bed.  I even caught Mr. Maison with a bag when we were heading out the door yesterday.  “Can I bring these mom?”  Of course I couldn’t say no because I wanted them to! 

Thank you Newman’s Own Organics for some wonderful treats for school lunches, afterschool, and “anytime” as Mr. Maison calls it. 

Be sure to check them out at the following links;


  1. What a great snack to send with the kids! Thanks for the tips

  2. What a sweet way to say I love you by spelling their name out in cookies! I put banana chips, dried cranberries, raisins, grapes and carrots in their lunches.

  3. i won some newman's own products in a giveaway a while back and all of it was great! our favorites were the cookies, espesially the ginger-O's