Rescue Stinky Shoes With SteriShoe

It seems like my kids go through shoes faster than any other kids on the planet! You ever have that feeling that you buy more shoes than anything else?  Sad thing is… it’s not always the fact that there are holes in them or the soles fall off, sometimes they just get so nasty smelling that there is nothing left to do other than get another pair. Especially Mr. Maison… Oh my word that child’s feet stink!

Well I was recently introduced to SteriShoe which is currently saving us a trip to the shoe store! I mean really when you spend so much money on a pair of shoes and the washer wont take the stink out what are you left to do?  So I gave them a try.

SteriShoe is an ultraviolet light which acts as a germicidal sanitizer and has actually been proven to kill up to 99.9% of germs!  This is the same UVC lamp that has been used as a germicide in hopitals and water treatment systems.    I was shocked!  Plus the SteriShoe is so easy to use!  I just plug it in and stick it in the shoe and wala!

So I did some more research on the product, what, why, and how… The SteriShoe is actually approved by the American Podiatric Medical Association and kills the organisms that cause toe nail fungus, athletes food and that smelly Mr. Maison foot odor.  Its also a must have for diabetics to help beat the toe nail fungus

SteriShoe is saving a few pairs of shoes this school year and now it’s time to attack hubbies shoes!  Off we go!  Be sure to check them out at the following links;

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