Retropical- A Vintage inspired Summer Collection

Did you know Yves Rocher has a special limited edition summer line called Retropical.  This Vintage-inspired Summer collection has added some much color and spaz into my summer that I’m having a ton of fun with it! 

My favorite as you could all guess is the Retropical Eau De Toilette because I’m a perfume junkie and this fit right on into my collection nicely.  The bottle is beautiful and stands out from the other hundred bottles I have.  That just assures that I see it first and always think about putting it on before anything else.  The scent however is nothing to forget!  The botanical ingredients include orange, mandarin, and bergamot essential oils and they blend together perfectly for that lofting floral and fruity dream scent. 

The gloss is another favorite of mine.  Although there really wasn’t a taste to it (which is generally a good thing) I have to admit it kind of smelled like a fresh donut.  I’m not sure what to think about that except now I want a donut…. I really had fun playing with these different colors.  Usually I would think the Peach Melba would be great for me but I was rather surprised at how much I loved the bright Red Hibiscus.  After all, my skin tone is becoming darker and darker with all the time I spend in the sun, so the Red Hibiscus was perfect! 

Oh but how I love eye colors.  My grandma always told me my eyes were “pee yellow” actually she phrased it a little bit differently but you get the point.  Regardless, eye colors are one of my favorite things to apply because they can really make or break a look.  The Eye Trio made out of bamboo powder fulfilled every little bit of my desire for some fun colors!  It goes on smooth and lasted through the heat of the day so I would say another win! But let’s not forget the splash of Ultramarine Blue Mascara.  Now what would a fun colorful summer be without some daring bright blue?  I was a little nervous at first but rest assured it went on and the blue was not as vibrantly exhausting as I feared.  It was actually quite perfect. 

Eye pencils are fun no matter how you use them and the Retropical collection includes a perfectly smoothing oversized eye pencil that you can apply as kohl or eye-shadow.  I personally liked the Pink Orchid eye pencil because it is a light color I have used as a base day after day to create a very solid effect.  Along with the eye pencil is the Kohl Duo.  This is a great product because it’s two eye-liners in one pencil which really eliminates an extra pencil all together.  But yet again, the Retropical collection is full of vibrant and totally fun colors and all these fun components are included in every single piece of make up from this collection including the kohl duo. 

I had so much fun playing with all these colors.  But not only did I get to play and try new colors that I wouldn’t generally of went out on a limb and tried, I fell in love with these because they are so much fun!  This week I DARE YOU to try colors you never have before!  Try the Yves Rocher Retropical Collection, after all every girl needs to have a little fun!

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  1. I love this perfume!!! wear it a lot

  2. Sounds GOOD!! I want to try it!


  4. You make it sound amazing. I want some of this stuff! Seeing your pictures also makes me want to go swimming!

  5. Wonderful pictures! Have you tried any of their mascaras yet?

  6. I love the bright colors

  7. I love Yves Rocher but haven't tried any of these products. I am loving that perfume bottle too!!! I use the Yves Rocher face serum every day and it is the best.. love seeing you posting all of these awesome products. Would love to try some of them out! And i loled when I read what your grandma called your eyes.. sounds like something my great gramma would have said to me!!