Show & Tell with Build-A-Bear Workshops

Backpacks are packed, new clothes are hanging in the closet, and open house is tonight!  Yup, we’re talking back to school.  But something I have often forgot to prepare for is “Show & Tell” and for our shy kiddo’s it can be pretty intimidating.  After all, there are a lot of adults that don’t like to talk in front of people so how can we make it easier for our kiddo’s to do the exact same thing? 

So I really started thinking about this?  What if for Show & Tell we give them something that they can really build a story around?  Something that really helps the creativity flow.  Again, I have fell back onto Build-A-Bear Workshops or some creativity and comfort for out little ones. 

Recently they Build-A-Bear Workshops came out with My Little Pony’s and I received the Princess Twilight Sparkle.  Once again I as an adult am fascinated with the bright colors and durability of their products. But our oldest princess is even more thrilled with the shimmer and glitter of her new friend.   Princess Twilight Sparkle is a great back to school gift and provides some very special comfort when our princess will need her the most. 

I love the furry friends Build-A-Bear workshop provides our kiddos because every furry friend serves a purpose.  Without falling back on the traditional teddy bear, the comfort of a stuffed animal can really ease a child through scary moments and that’s why I suggest you help your child with the first few days of school with a new furry friend of their own.  I can just hear the stories now from Show & Tell and I know Princess Twilight Sparkle will help this transition become a joyous memory and not fearful time. 

Check out Princess Twilight Sparkle and other furry friends at the following links;

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  1. What a great idea for show & tell

  2. I need to make a trip with the kiddo's to Build-a-Bear! They have some really cute things and I cant wait to see what you get next!

  3. My little pony rocks!

  4. Great idea! We homeschool but when we get together with other families or grandparents come over we still do a Show & Tell so people know we really learn something, lol.

  5. I love the shimmer and shine bear! That is so cute

  6. Have to get the shoes!