Soft Claws are awsome!

Oh my goodness you won’t believe what I just did! Basically I just put fake fingernails on my cat! Yup that’s right!!! Ok… But honestly they are called soft claws and they are awesome! 
My cat is almost 18 years old and I never had her declawed. When she was a kitten
we lived out in the country and before I knew it, it was really too late. Besides now she’s an old lady and kind of a snob so the soft claws are perfect! They are a plastic nail that goes on right over her claw kind of like how you or I would have tips put on.

The instructions say that you might need to trim up some of the claw so that they fit, but hers were perfect and I didn’t have to trim up anything. But what’s the most shocking part? Did I mention she’s a snob? Jen really does think she’s the boss of the house so I never figured she would let me put these on her. I was WRONG! She sat on my lap and purred the entire time.  

Soft claws are perfect for that “snobby kitty” or if you have kids like I do! She would never claw at one of them but with some cats you just never know. Now the one thing she does do is come sit on my lap and kneed her way into a comfy position. That tends to hurt after a few scratches and I put her on the floor. Now she can kneed all she wants because she’s not going to scratch up my legs.

Soft claws are awesome! Just ask Jen

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