Dr. Doormat

So while I’m working on the outside of our house for our “curb appeal” post that’s coming later this month I started noticing that the inside foyer is really starting to look like a catch all. Then I realized, I hadn’t shampooed the doormat in forever and it was really dingy looking. So outside it went. Well while it was outside drying in the sun I decided to look and see if I could find a new one. That’s when I came across Dr.

Doormat and wow they must have been calling my name because it’s perfect for my little zoo!
I was surfing around their website when I read “Antimicrobial treated doormats help prevent microbes and dirt from entering your home!” Say what? I guess I never really thought about all the germs we carry in our homes on our feet.
How’s it work? Dr. Doormat’s are infused with an anitimicrobial treatment during the manufacturing process. This treatment bonds to the fibers of the doormat and cannot be tracked through your home but at the same time when your shoe makes contact, the mat kills the cell membrane of the invading microbes preventing you from carrying them into your home. You have got to read more about the process by clicking here. It’s a really unique and interesting concept. Another one of those “ah-ha” moments if you will. 

None the less, the mat is comfy under my feet, and the perfect size for right inside the door. There are several colors to choose from but we choose the chocolate brown because it matches our wooden doors. There are several different sizes available on the website plus Dr. Doormat is so reasonably priced the true question is why not?  Why not protect your family from the germs that secretly invade our homes every-time we walk through the front door.  In my eyes, this is a must for every home!  

Mat Specifications

· Made in the USA
· Eco-Friendly, Sustainable, Reusable
· Allergy Friendly
· Washable (see care instructions)
· Two-year Manufacturer’s Warranty
· Surface area is made of the highest quality stain resistant (25%) recycled and virgin polypropylene fiber.
· Durable, flexible, industrial strength, rubber backing with molded rubber nibs reduces mat movement.
· Elegant bubble pattern acts like scrubbing brushes, scraping dirt and grit off shoes while removing moisture at the same time.
· Doormat is framed with a raised, inch wide border that forms a tray trapping water and dirt.
· Mats are partially hand cut.
· Mats available in two sizes: House size: 36”x24”x3/8”, 4 lbs. Apartment size: 24”x18”x3/8”, 2 lbs.
· Specially formulated antimicrobial treatment controls and starts to disable odor causing microorganisms on the mat on contact, prevents deterioration and odors and extends the life of the mat. The antimicrobial formula is biodegradable, non-toxic and permanently bonded to the fibers of the yarn.

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