Pampers Kandoo Shampoo

My favorite children’s products are the ones that are almost child-proof, does that make any since at all?  No, of course not so let me explain.  We have a pretty pretty princess who is 3 now and LOVES to “I do it!”  But if I tell her no to avoid the messes how will she ever learn to grow and do things for herself? So I guess “I do it” is ok when I find the products that are child proof so to speak. 

Pampers Kandoo has a sweet smelling 2 in 1 conditioning shampoo in a cute little pump bottle.  Yup I said it pump bottle which makes this a great child-proof product.  Other children’s shampoos and conditioners tend to spill in the tub, make a mess when knocked over, or the kiddo’s use WAY to much when squirting it in their hands.  This little pump bottle prevents all of that! 

Besides for the awesome design of the bottle how does the actual shampoo test?  We love it!  Like I said before, it’s sweet smelling plus tear free and dermatologist tested.  With natural fruit extracts to clean the dirt and grime out of her hair it also conditions with the Vitamin E. 

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