A Little Curb Appeal

Finally a little curb appeal! When we bought our house we knew there was a lot that needed to be done.  But as the case usually goes, this comes up and then a little of that comes up and things get put on hold.  It’s taken me much longer than I could have ever imagined but I have to say I am almost done so I knew I had to share the progress with you. 

Although it may seem a little silly but the biggest problem I saw was I hated the way our house looked so dark from the road.  But as honey does, he knew there was much more needed than a fresh coat of paint and a little de-cluttering.  Our first tackle was leveling out our yard because we had so many bare spots where the grass wouldn’t grow or the drainage was horrible every-time it rained.  Since we made the decision to take a tractor to the yard we cut out 16 inches and planted grass.  We officially have some gorgeous green grass growing and I’m so excited because the last few times it’s rained there hasn’t been a single puddle. 

Fall is the best time to do any outside project.  One it’s much cooler outside and a lot easier to work and two the clearance section is huge and you can do so much more with a whole lot less.   I was able to get some mulch on sale which saved a few dollars and added flair of color under our front window.  But the exciting part was the $30 plants that will grow back year after year that I paid less than $2.00 for each of them. 

I then added a fresh coat of paint to the porch.  At first I was really worried how this was going to turn out because the wood was originally stained not painted and the stain kept coming through the killz paint.  But after a few really good coats I think the white really brightened things up.   I also added these antique copper house numbers from architectural mailboxes.  (Read that post here)  I really liked the house numbers because they added the little touch of decoration back to the porch without being on the ground or in the way.  After we cleaned the light fixtures and hubby put on a new door-bell I then began to piece everything back together again.

I left the park bench and added some great chairs that were a steal at $1.50 each.  See I told you fall clearance was the best time to do outside work. The tables are pretty awesome to!  I just got them here in time from Bambooki for this post and I’m excited because not only do they serve as a very sturdy table but they are a great extra seat to.  Yes, they are strong enough to sit on!   (Readthat post here).

Redesigning the porch to make it more functional rather than just covered in decorative pieces really proved to add some curb appeal because it made our little space seem much bigger. And even though the temperatures are dropping outside, I still love sitting out there with a piping hot cup of coffee before I begin my work in the mornings. 

So yes, there is more to come on this post.  We are going to sand down our wooden doors and get the stained glass window’s fixed up.  There will always be more to do when you’re a home owner but I guess that’s just more thing to love and take care of. What’s your favorite house project?
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  1. Love the look! Your house is beautiful!

  2. Looks like it was a lot of work! But well worth it im sure

  3. You have a beautiful home! I love the stone the most. The house numbers you added do stand out from the white paint and I like that you put them vertically.. it adds a little pizzaz :) And I can't believe you only paid $1.50 for those chairs.. what a steal!!!

  4. I absolutely love what you have done ...Simply but awesome!!