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We all need to find a little time to relax especially with the holidays quickly approaching.  So when I had the chance to review and donate some products from Aurorae Yoga I got really excited!  This year they have given us a Yoga Mat, A Denim Mat Sak, a Yoga Strap and of course the ever so important the Yoga Mat Wash and Slip Free Rosin Bag.   This is going to make a great gift set!

The Aurorae Yoga Mats are specially designed to be extra thick and extra long.  Made out of memory foam they are 1/4" thick and 72" long which means these mats are perfect for anyone.  They are also silicone, latex, and toxin free plus bio-degradable.  There are so many different colors to choose from you can't go wrong.  

For the longest time, I carried my light-weight (cheap and crappy compared to this!) yoga mat around with a strap.  You know, the Velcro kind that just holds it together, until it don't any longer! Well Aurorae has a pretty cool Denim Mat Sak.  With one large cargo pocket and one zipper pocket it can hold pretty much anything you need to take with you. Including the Mat Wash and Rosin Bag.  

The mat wash is pretty basic, spray it 3 times on a we towel, wipe and dry.  But it's made out of organic oils to clean and disinfect.  Plus it's made right here in the United States. The Yoga Slip Free Rosin Bag helps increase gripping power, and if your like me you need it to help absorb perspiration that can build up on your mat while working out. Simply dab the bag on your mat where your hands and feet go and it will help you keep your grip for sure. 

But what's a yoga set without the strap! Don't forget the strap!  the Aurorae Yoga Strap is 100% natural unbleached cotton and at 8 feet long it's easy to use.  This yoga strap is essential to really getting into some of those deep stretches.  Don't forget the strap!

Aurorae has pretty much got it all figured out!  Meet the founder in the video below and hear his inspirational story as to why.

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I received one or more of the products mentioned above free for review purposes. Regardless, I will only recommend products that I have personally tested/tried and believe will be a good fit for my readers. 

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