Misto Box

Everyone deserves something for the holidays, but what says your special more than a gift that just keeps on giving all year long.  That's why I am choosing to bring you a selection of subscription boxes for our gift guide.  The first one I would like to tell you about is Misto Box which a monthly subscription box of 4 handpicked bags of incredible coffee!

This months box invluded Panama Elida Esate, Kenya Tegu, Guatemala Codech co-op, and Sulawesi Tana Toraja. All of which came from California except for the Guatemala Codech co-op which is from Milwaukee WI.  The box also includes interesting facts about each brand of coffee so while your enjoying your delicious cup you can read about the why's and wheres.  For example the Panama Elida Estate is from Portola Coffee Lab and more than half of their farm is actually located in the Violcan Baru National Parck which is a protected ecological reserve for exotic plants and animals.

I love the Misto Box because not only is the coffee amazing, but the company takes the time to help you understand the ways to grind, brew and enjoy the different blends of coffee. Be sure to check them out at the following links and order your favorite couple a subscription box today!

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  1. Coffee is my favorite pick me up and this is such an awesome giveaway. I love to taste different blends and roasts of coffee and grind my coffee beans for the best cup of coffee.

  2. Out of those four I would chose the Panama Elida Esate

  3. My husband works out of state so all week long it's just me and our 3 kids who are 10, 3, and 8 months. Without coffee our house would be a disaster area, I wouldn't be able to function, and by the time Derrick gets home the kids would probably be running the place! lol Coffee is what gets me through! I think it's awesome that the one kind of coffee is from Milwaukee, WI because that is pretty close to where we live :) I have never heard of that coffee before but I would love to try it!