Our Donation Stock Pile for 2013 Holidays

I can't wait to show you everything we are donating this year for families in need!  Be sure to check this link often to see what all you have helped us provide for our community!

A special thank you to our Online Sponsors! These companies went above and beyond by providing at least 5 products to help us donate. Be sure to check them out first when doing your online holiday shopping!

RingStix- Donated 5 Sets of their game (click here)
Infinate Aloe- Donated 100 Jars of their face cream (click here)

Aurorae Yoga-Donated a complete set of their Yoga Gear (Click here)
Sprigs.Com- Donated 25 wrist wallets. (Click here)

1 comment:

  1. These are awesome donations!! You are going to have some very happy families :) I can't wait to see what else gets donated to you!! Do you write to each company and ask for donations or how do you go about it??