Ring Stix

As you can see by the first picture, this is my boys natural reaction to a sword like toy.  Oh yea smart right? Well truth be told they actually had a lot of fun with Ring Stix, even once they learned how to play with them correctly and outside! My kids crack me up sometimes I swear!

These are really cool because you can order them in a few different styles so they are great for kids and adults. We tested out the Ring Stix Pro and even received a handy bag to keep them in.  The bag alone is a great idea because the boys are constantly losing pieces or parts to their toys. So this was pretty handy to keep everything together. So, Yea, then honey and I took our turns with them to and if you really get with it, it can be a challenging game.  You take the two sword like wands and put the ring in the middle of them then with certain coordination techniques, the ring will fly towards the other player who then catches it and tosses it back in the same manor.  It was actually pretty fun to see who could toss the ring the furthest and who could actually catch it. 

Ring Stix treated us good this year!  They have not only provided us a review set so we could tell you all about the fun we had with their game but they are helping us donate 5 sets to local families in our Giving Back Program.  We are so thankful for companies like them that are helping us fill our 100 gift bags!  

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  1. Watching the video I was surprised at how easy it looks!! Even the little kids are good at it!! We live in the country and have a big yard and would definitely have the room to play this game. I'll have to check it out more and show my son the video.. see if it's something him and his friends would play. Thanks for the review :)