Black Friday List

Are you ready for the 2013 Black Friday?  Here is your one stop add list!  
WalMart: Click Here
Target: Click Here
Lowes: Click Here
Home Depot: Click Here
Best Buy: Click Here
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Sears: Click Here


Clothing Closet Donation

Every year it seems like we get so busy with whatever projects and events we have going that as a family we tend to forget how many people out there need just a little helping hand. But as the holidays quickly approach, we are reminded more and more to give back and the harsh reminder is how much we forgot in the several months prior. For this reason, we will continue throughout the year to feature our Giving Back link. 

To give us a kick start on our giving back program tomorrow we will be taking a large donation of new clothing to our local Children’s Division Office. Why do they need this clothing? Unfortunately, hundreds of children each year come into foster care with just the clothing they have on at that given moment. Our local Children’s Division Office has a clothing closet set up to try to assist with some of the bare essentials and I recently found out that closet had next to nothing left in it. So here we go! We are stocking that baby back up!

What did we send them?
80 Pairs of shoes
Over 100 Toddler shorts, shirts, pants, onsies, & P.J.s
92 Junior/Misses Tops
31 Pre-Teen Bras

All of these items were deeply discounted so between my best friend and I, we did a great job shopping! Our major expense is gas and time but we had a lot of fun along the way so I can’t wait until we do it again!