Lightscoop- a must have for your camera!

Last year for Christmas, hubby bought me a very nice Cannon camera because I just love taking pictures.  But with several editing programs, and even sending pictures to get edited and smoothed out, they never seemed to be professional quality.  I was once in a blue moon that I got the lighting just right.  But when I did, those pictures were

Now, I don't have to worry about getting the lighting just right because I have a little gadget that does it for me and the difference is amazing!  I found Lightscoop and have been playing with their deluxe version which has made a world of difference in my photos.  This is a must have for anyone who loves taking photos, professional or just for a hobby. 

With Lightscoop
Without Lightscoop
The Lightscoop redirects 100% of the pop-up flash light to the ceiling or a wall before it shines on your subject which creates a more effective and larger light source.   All of my little children look like they are sitting in the perfect light for the perfect picture!  I was able to create professional looking Christmas cards for the families of all my foster children.  Sadly enough, due to privacy laws I can't share those images.  But I did some playing with the camera again with my boys and those I can show you. Even the most simple picture looks amazing!

With Lightscoop

I love my Lightscoop Deluxe!  It was easy to slide onto my camera and finally I can take professionally smooth pictures!  I will say it again and again, this is a must have!

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  1. Thanks so much for the review, Ashley! We're thrilled that you're happy with your Lightscoop. If your readers have any questions, we have lots more info on our website, and we respond quickly to email! We really appreciate your helping us spread the good word! Best, Mary, Lightscoop CEO, mary@lightscoop.com

  2. What a HUGE difference! Cute kids to!