Stone Earth Pan by Ozeri

So this isn't a review I did lightly because I have been using this pan now for a few months just to see if it really holds up over a period of time.  Guess what, it's still good as new.  I even recommend that if your looking for a easy gift for the cook in your family, you should get them The Stone Earth Pan by Ozeri. 

I have cooked everything in it from hamburger meat, eggs, to steak.  (It's a little cold to grill outside so we had steaks cooked in it the other night.) The stone-derived coating heats up evenly and my poor cooking habits are proof that it's scratch-resistant.  I've been known to use metal in my "non-stainless" pans. 

The non-stick surface has even proved to be really easy to clean, because who has time to sit there and let a messy pan soak?  Not me! Which makes the Stone Earth Pan even better for my kitchen.  I pretty much like everything about this pan, the only thing I wish was different is I wish it was just a little deeper so I could cook bigger meals in it.  After all, cooking for 6 kids requires a lot of food!

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  1. Sounds like a great pan! I like heavy duty!