Elementary School Donation

I am always encouraging the boys to do things for others than for themselves so when we had the opportunity to donate to their school, they were just as excited as I was. 
Our biggest lot of items was the 85 kites! Of course we got 20 sets of string to go with them "just in case".

Next we donated a box of items for the teachers to put in their treasure box's.  Do you remember how much fun it was when you were a kid to get a treat out of the treasure box?   Well most teachers buy those with their own money so we decided to help out.  There is exactly 100 items for the treasure box's.

Now for the last set of items we really didn't know what to do with.  The principle suggested that the kids could use these seed kits for their Mothers Day projects!  How awesome is that!  We donated 13 seed kits that contain veggies and flowers!  These can be cut up to make so many different plants and I know they will go a long way!

Our total retail value of this donation: $486!!  What could you donate locally?  This was our most recent project and we would love to feature yours!

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