RavPower External Battery Charger

When hubby and I got our new phones a few months ago he got one of the backup chargers which I tend to still often. Only bad thing with it was, it would only charge my phone one time before I would have to charge the charger. Yea can you see the problem there? Yea that pretty much defeated the whole process. So when I found RavPower I figured I would give them a try and see if they were any better. 

I ordered the RAVPower Deluxe External Battery and it’s pretty stinkin cool! It doesn’t matter if I want to charge my I-phone, the boys tablets, or even my Kindle it does it all! It also came with all the different adaptors and a bag to put them in so everything is in a nice neat little place. So who’s toy do we charge first? How about the boys but both at once! I love this because it has two ports so both the boys can charge whatever they have with them and not fight over who goes first. That’s a life saver for the boys or mom, depending on how you think about it, because one there’s no fighting and no mess of their chargers strung out through the car! I love it!!!

 So besides for the “coolness” features, how’s it compare to the one hubby has? Well if just I use it for my phone it can charge my phone 7-8 times before I need to charge it again.  

Check out the RAVPower Deluxe External Battery with all the details and you wont believe the price! I’ll give you a hint, it’s on sale!!

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  1. I need this!!!

  2. With kids, I can see where this would definitely be a "Sanity Saver"!! Sounds like a great investment!!

  3. this looks like a handy device... I might just look into getting myself one for my IPhone... thanks for the review

  4. I would love to try and get one of these, if I ever can afford it - As I intend to use it in many different formats.

  5. I think everyone could use one of these. It would be nice to have one.