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Del Sol is one of my favorite stores to shop off so I am so excited to tell you about a few of my favorite products! I mentioned the Peek-A-boo Nail polish in an April Fools post. Did any of you   get to try it? Read that review here: Click here

But more than just the Peek-A-Boo I got to try a few other new colors lately.  “After Party” and “VIP” are my two favorite colors and my absolute favorite combination.  Check out these before and after photos! 

 Even Miss Aly and all of our girls love getting their nails done and then running outside to watch them change colors.  The color changing nail polish is a must for every little girl ya know ages 1-99!  It’s a lot of fun and the colors are even professional enough to wear to work. 
The boys love getting new shirts from Del Sol.  We try as often as we can to pick them up a new one every time we run into one of the shops.  They are also always  big hit for them at school. 
The day I took these pictures it was pretty cloudy out, so even without bright glaring sun, the colors are brilliant!

Recently I caught an awesome sale and did some splurging.  I mean like a whopping $25 and I was able to order several earrings, a few headbands, and a couple of extra nail polishes and get free shipping!  (You have to sign up for their mailing list!  The sales are incredible!!!)
If you want in on another great offer check this out.  Anytime you travel to an area that one of these stores are in (hotel or cruise) check with your local sales desk for a free coupon for this shopping bag!  Sometimes they will have coupons to get a certain amount of money off of sunglasses and sometimes they will have coupons for this totally awesome free bag!!!  It doesn’t hurt to ask at least! 

Awwww and my second to most favorite item? This sweatshirt! I love the white because it’s just clean looking enough to take on vacation and still look presentable even though I’m wearing a sweatshirt! We are leaving soon to go on another cruise and I know I can take this along and it will be perfect for every evening.  But it’s also very comfy!  The fabric is super soft and stretchy which is why it’s my favorite.  I guess the pretty cool design doesn’t hurt either but over all this is one of my favorite sweatshirts!  In the evening the color is gone because there is no sun so therefor I can wear it to dinner and it still match anything I have on underneath.  But during the day… Watch out because the sun will be bright and so will the cool design on the sleeve!  Check it out!

Ok, so my absolute favorite item…. The one I get to give away…. Here it is and it’s going to be winners choice!   The Del Sol Color changing sun glasses of course!!! How stinkin neat are these?  They have so many different designs and they ALL change colors!  Some more than others, like my favorite which turn from white to bright pink.  But hubbys turn from charcoal grey to purple!   I was kind of skeptical on the purple for mens sunglasses, but they totally rock to!  Ok, so besides for the color changing aspect… Hubby and I got our first pair of Del Sol Sunglasses in Cozumel Mexico. He had lost his sunglasses so we figured let’s check them out and boy what do ya know, we both walked out with a pair! It was actually a hard decision for me because most pairs are over $40 and I don’t really spend that much money on myself.  But after trying them on I couldn’t resist.  Everything was so clear!  Natural outside colors were not distorted by a cheap pair of glasses! Even down in Mexico I was able to spend more time outside without my eyes hurting because I had these glasses.  But now back on cost.  If your like me, it really was hard to spend $40 on something I know I’m going to lose or break.  I go through sunglasses like candy! Sure enough, I was home just about 2 months before I was playing with one of the kids and broke them.  Normally, I would have been pretty upset, but Del Sol has a replacement program where I just pay the shipping and they send me a brand new pair!  EVERYTIME!  Yup that’s what makes it totally worth the initial $40!  In about a 18 months, I am on my third pair! But that’s ok, because if I break them they replace them!
Check out all of the Del Sol Color changing products at the following links and let me know what your favorites are!

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