Bongo Women's Aqua Water Shoes

I bought the Bongo Women's Aqua Water Shoes for a recent cruise due to one of the excursions stating “water shoes required”…. Ok, I have to admit, I haven’t owned a pair of water shoes in years so the cheaper the better, I'll leave them on the boat at the end of the cruise.  After all, why do I need them right?
When I saw these at Sears for $5 bucks I was a little nervous but for one day, I guess they will do.  Well was I wrong!  I went hiking through the jungle in Belize to go Zip lining and Cave Tubing and they held up great!!!  Definitely a muddy rocky path but it was an amazing experience.  I'm also terrified of heights so that was maybe a once in a life-time experience.   Both my husbands and my sons water shoes (purchased from other places) were shredded on the bottoms by the end of the day!  Maison did pretty good about not complaining, I think the tour guide kept him entertained.  But every now and then I would hear a few mumbles out of Steven because his shoes were so thin and the rocks were so large! My shoes kept my feet well protected and the hike was amazing!!
My shoes lasted me through two more beach days and still look great!  These are awesome water shoes and amazing for the price!  I would absolutely order another pair!
   I got these at our local Sears but you can order a pair online by clicking here.


  Here are a few pictures from our trip!  The jungle is BEAUTIFUL!!!!

I am not affiliated with Bongo Shoes or Sears.  This review was my choice to provide.