Premium Chalk Markers

These markers are a lot of fun!  I ordered them from Amazon and I wasn't really sure what to expect.  My first thought was one; Chalk is washable and two; These are in a marker form so they should be great for the kids room right? 

 We continue to foster and sometimes, it's kind of hard to personalize a bedroom for each and every child that comes and goes.  These markers were the perfect solution!  I used an assortment of the markers to color on the bedroom mirror our little girls name and several cute little pictures of her favorite things!  These were absolutely perfect for what I wanted to do! My favorite feature though is how brilliantly bright the colors are!  They really add that special highlight to the room. 

 So back to the chalk factor; These are super easy to clean up!  Yup! Absolutely perfect for what I wanted to do! 

Be sure to check them out on Amazon by CLICKING HERE 

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