New SKOY Products at Momma's House

A few years ago I was introduced to SKOY cloth and I have been a loyal customer ever since. I keep a set of SKOY cloths on hand in the kitchen because they do an amazing job at soaking up any spills, drying up the counters, and they are long LONG LONG lasting for helping me keep the kitchen clean. And when I say long lasting I mean once they get dirty or a little dingy looking from cleaning with them, I simply toss them in the washer and they come out good as new again. I truly love the SKOY cloth!
Yellow is brand new.  Blue is after being washed about a half dozen times and folded up in my holder.  

So when I found out SKOY now offers a towel and scrubs I was super excited and just couldn't wait to get my hands on some. This week I received the SKOY towel and the SKOY scrub. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU SKOY!

Yes, this towel is a little dirty but what do you expect after using it three nights to dry dishes and this morning to clean counters.  Off to the wash it goes!

I opened the towel and scrub up right away and put them to the test! The scrub is a great replacement to my traditional dish sponge and scouring pad. The scrub is rough enough to get the hardest cooked on foods right off my pots and pans but still gentle enough to use on my glasses and glass cook top stove. Since they come in a two pack, and are made from cotton and a non-toxic hardener I'm keeping one scrub in my kitchen and one under the sink for “other area's” like the bathroom and floors. Yup I said it the FLOORS! I almost always do my floors by hand, I know call me crazy but I like to get down close where I can see better and make sure I'm getting all the nooks and crannies. The scrubs are stout enough to handle even the grout and tile flooring.

So how about that towel... Several months ago we did away with the plastic dish strainer that sits beside the sink. The boys do the dishes after dinner and for the life of me the one thing they could never remember to do is tilt that plastic strainer up and let the water drain so it was getting nasty and I just couldn't handle it anymore. Yea sure I could go back to doing the dishes myself but that's their one consistent chore besides keeping their stuff picked up out of the living room and they really have got to learn eventually. When we got rid of the strainer, we simply began using a towel. Easy enough but it doesn't always allow the glasses to sit correctly and dishes easily fall over because towels are thick. It's really like a non-win situation....

The SKOY towel is thin, but just as absorbent as the SKOY cloth, and extremely soft.  That was the first thing Maison said when I told him to use it to dry the dishes last night.   Made out of recycled polyester it measures 18x24. We've been using it to both let dishes dry on top of and dry the dishes as they are being washed. I love it! Plus the design is just too cute! We got the blue towel but it also comes in red and green and is two sided. My favorite feature though of all the Skoy products, once the towel got kinda dingy I simply tossed it into the washer and it was good as new!

Now it's your turn to try SKOY!  SKOY is giving us the opportunity to host a giveaway.

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  1. These are actually pretty for kitchen towels

  2. I need something tough like these!

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  5. We love SKOY products!