Thursday Offers a disposable litter box through Tidy Cats!

This has been kind of a hard post for me to write, but here it goes... Safety first right? Did you know soiled cat litter can pose hazardous health issues for a woman and her unborn child? Now, we had yes I said had, an outdoor kitty which the kids named Oreo and she totally rocked! But we kept her outside so there was no litter box in the house. Instead I kept the litter box in the garage and she had learned from Tally the dog to claw at the door when she wanted to go out or come inside. Again she totally rocked! At night she would either come in the house or spend the night in the garage and I only ever noticed her have one accident, in the bathroom on the tile... Not to shabby for a 6 month old kitten!

I have had the honor of testing out which I have found to be a really incredible delivery service! Their website is easy to sort through, having everything categorized by the type of pet and offers free shipping on orders over $49! Talley loves their treats, but that's another post coming soon. I love service of click and ship and having everything I need for our fur babies delivered right to my door without that extra trip to town. Yes, I utilize service deliveries a lot and this is one we will be sticking to! It just saves so much stress, hassle and time.

What I liked the most about was the availability of the different types of products. I had no idea there was such thing as a disposable litter box. Did you? How cool is this! Tidy Cats has a open- use- and toss litter box! Now even pregnant I could take care of the cats mess rather than having to ask one of the kids, who last time spilled it everywhere... Ugh! And I'm not scooping it exposing my baby or myself to the hazardous toxins. I just slid it into a trash bag and out to the dumpster it went!

Now kittens will be kittens and one afternoon she got into the dog treats we got from getting the entire bag off the counter, torn up, and all over the house. I think it's safe to say she liked them too. Dad booted her outside while he cleaned up the mess and poor Oreo crawled into my car motor when I got home. The rest is needless to say but I have to apologize for not letting you guys know about the Chewy order sooner. I was super impressed with this disposable litter box because it's perfect for our house. I'm sure when it warms back up outside we will be getting another kitty, but I do miss my Oreo.

Tidy Cats Direct Disposable Litter Box with LightWeight Clumping Multiple Cat Litter, 13.5-lb box

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  1. A disposable litter box? What a good idea!

  2. I am sorry about Oreo! A disposable litter box is wonderful idea!