Covered Goods reduces extra baggage

The search continues for the best of the best “Baby Must Have's" and I just love this multi-purpose cover from Covered Goods!  

Now there's a lot of different nursing covers out there, and car seat covers, and heck even shopping cart covers. But I found a cover from Covered Goods that's all of those and an infinity scarf! Say what?! We don't really have the room at the house for a million different baby products so I try to be economical and resourceful whenever possible. 

The material is super soft and stretchy, which is why it's one of my favorite nursing covers! I don't like wearing a lot of bulky clothing but when I'm not nursing I can wear it as an infinity scarf to keep it handy right where I need it. 

With spring winds picking up, this really is the perfect Car seat cover.  Not only is it soft and stretchy but the lightweight design will allow us to keep his car seat covered but it's not going to get too hot in there for him either.  I just can't wait for little man to get here!  Plus with a little bit of rearranging, I can completely cover his car seat or halfway so Baby Kolton can see the world but still be protected from the wind and bright sun.  

I love how many different uses the Covered Goods four-in-one cover has! I also love the high quality fabric and how soft, durable and flexible it is. This is going to be one of my favorite products for years to come because even once he's out of the car seat, it's a pretty cool cart cover for shopping! Again trying to be resourceful and eliminate all the unnecessary extra's so why not have one product that does it all! Best part, it folds up super small and takes up almost no room.

If your looking for that awesome baby shower gift or just one of those products to help you get ready for your little one, this is it! It's definitely going in my hospital diaper bag!

Be sure to check out Covered Goods at the following links! I hope you love them as much as I do!


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