Ozeri Blood Pressure Monitor Review

So it's definitely not been an easy last 7 months. I don't remember either pregnancy with the boys being so exhausting or stressful. Maybe it's the simple fact that I'm older but who knows. It's definitely been challenging!

One thing I've tried to stay on top of is my health watching my diet, sugar levels, and blood pressure. My blood pressure gave me a lot of trouble during my first trimester which could explain some of the exhaustion. I would get tired just walking from one end of the house to the other. 

About 3 or 4 weeks ago now, I received a Ozeri Blood pressure monitor and absolutely love it! The one I had before was the traditional cuff that went on the upper arm, and although it was fairly compact this one fits way more conveniently in my purse its hard plastic carrying case with the instruction booklet which I kept just for future reference.
Right out of the package which contained the required batteries, it was easy to use with very little start up. You can program it with the date, time, and user 1 or user 2. Which is kinda neat because for each user it will store 90 past measurements, 180 measurements total. That totally helps with taking the readings to my doctor without having to remember to write them down when I'm not feeling well.

The first time I used it, I simply placed it on my wrist and turned it on but I got an error message. For complete accuracy the cuff requires you turn your palm outwards, and use your other wrist or an object to comfortably support your arm holding it as still as possible. Once I supported my wrist with the monitor on it, (holding it still) it worked like a charm and has every single time after that. I feel like that's a little guarantee that it's as accurate as possible and not picking up body movement for a false reading. Even the instructions show examples of how to hold your your arm when applying the cuff. The instruction booklet is extremely helpful which is rare for most products these days. There is a lot of information in the book from troubleshooting to how to accurately read the monitor including the color guide on the left side, and if all else fails, turn to the last page of the book and contact Ozeri Customer Service. Pretty neat, no Google required to find their contact information.

I love my Ozeri Blood Pressure Monitor and it couldn't have came at a better time! There are several places you can order yours from, check out the links below!

                    Wal-Mart       Sears

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