The Sibley Guide to Birds Second Edition

Now that the boys are getting older, 14 and 12 (can you believe it?!) living out in the country definitely has it's perks. I'm WAY WAY WAY less worried about them playing outside and someone snatching them up (they would bring them back anyways at this point) or the neighbors complaining because lord knows they might ride their bike too close to someone's driveway. Yes, I love living out where where the boys can just be boys!

Hubby grew up always wondering off in the woods fishing, hunting, and whatever else little boys do. Now I can see that rubbing off on the boys. Jeramiah is always outside with the animals and I see the peeked interest lately in learning about what different birds are. 

Jeramiah is constantly asking “what bird is this, what bird is that?” It's cool to see him interested in the outdoors like he is! So when I found “The Sibley Guide to Birds” by David Allen Sibley, I knew I had to order it! It's way more than what I expected! For just under $20, on I figured it would be a short and quick guide to the most common birds. I was so wrong! Over 600 pages, I can't even begin to tell you how many birds are listed though. The book says over 7,000 paintings and it seems most of the birds are pictured. Plus there's a bird sighting checklist and a map at the bottom of most pages telling where the birds are commonly found.

Growing up, Grandma and Grandpa had a huge bird feeding area outside their kitchen window. I can remember sitting there with them watching the birds for hours. Grandpa would always try telling us what different birds were what, but when I was younger I didn't really listen. I just wasn't really interested. Now of course as an adult and now that Grandma has passed away I really wish I would have listened. I called Grandpa last summer to ask about some Mean attacking hummingbirds. So of course the first bird I had to look up in the book was the hummingbirds. Wow I had no idea there were so many!

I can't wait to see what kind of birds the boys are able to check off the list around the house and “The Sibley Guide to Birds Second Edition" is the perfect book for that!

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