Dunky Cup Review

As the kids are getting older its getting harder and harder to find gifts for them. Of course over the last year I feel like I've bought them ten million pairs of headphones, and then there's the traditional “cool” school items that they need but it's nice to just give them something fun and useless once in awhile.

Easter's coming up and I try to steer away from traditional candy and junk in their baskets. So when I came across Dunky Cup, I first giggled a little at their name, and then thought how perfect would that be to put in one of the boys baskets! But..... Like a ding dong I opened the mail right in front of them yesterday. Hummm should I stash it and make them wait or give in?

Jeramiah said “Oh that's cute” Jeramiah I think your a little old to think a cup is cute! Maison wanted to eat the cookies that came in it before we even hit the driveway. Of course they are always hungry after school.

SO! Just looking at it on Amazon, I thought the cup was actually glass. It looked shinny and fragile but not at all! It's actually made out of a Food-grade ABS plastic and is super thick and sturdy. It's perfect for all three of our clumsy kiddos and microwave and dishwasher safe.

I love that the Dunky Cup comes ready to give as well. Like I said, Maison wanted the cookies! The total package actually included cookies so you can dive right in! Of course the milk is not included hehe!

Dunky Cup is a great gift for my older kiddo's. Check it out on the following links;


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