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I've had quite a few e-mails lately asking "How can I test products for free?"  Well I'm not going to lie it's a lot of work to get started and really going strong but there are some companies that allow you to try goodies and samples without running a blog like I do.  One of those companies is Daily Goodie Box. 

Daily Goodie Box is pretty simple to join.  It's 100% Free, you sign up, become a member and upon availability, they send you a box that's full of products, (either sample size or full size), coupons, and information on those products.  Once you receive your box, you just have to log back into Daily Goodie Box and let them know what you think of each of the products.

We received our first Daily Goodie Box last week and I was really surprised with the variety of products! The April Goodie Box contained everything from snacks to personal care products! 

 So let's talk the yummy treats in the Daily Goodie Box.  I hate to admit it, but prior to taking this picture to the left, I ate the Prince & Spring Fruitmoijis fruit snacks... And after I ate the first package, I ate the second one because I liked them that much!  Certified gluten free you can get them at Boxed.com.
So check out that big box of Flathau’s Fine Foods - Cinnamon Snaps.  WOW!  These crunchy little shortbread cookies are just the right combination of sweet, cinnamon, and crunch. 

Also with the yummy treats is RawRev - Chunky Peanut Butter Chocolate, and Foods Alive - Himalayan Pink Salt.  The Raw Rev Bar was a healthy mid morning snack full of fruits, nuts and seeds.  Superfoods!  It taste great and is vegan and gluten free! I checked out the Foods Alive Himalayan Pink salt and apparently it can be used as a detox bath soak or for your food!

So the last two treats in the Goodie Box are Good Karma - Dairy Free Flaxmilk & Fourth & Heart - Madagascar Vanilla Bean Ghee Butter.  I used the Flaxmilk to make blueberry muffins and the only difference I could tell was they stuff to the cupcake papers.  Figures, right? The The Madagascar Vanilla Bean Ghee Butter is definitely different. I put it on some pumpkin bread I also made this afternoon and didn't mind it, I'm just not sure it's something I would buy on my own.  But that's the fun of these boxes right?  I love trying new things and if I can try them risk free through the Goodie Box, that's great!  

Now there was a product in here that I really did not enjoy... I hate to admit it but not everything passes into a positive review.  The Loaf Slime - Lavender Aromatherapy Dough Loaf Slime sounded great!  But I should have known considering the jar was labeled "Loaf Slime" and the card that came with it was labeled "Aromatherapy Dough".   This stuff is so sticky it's hard to handle as it's more of a consistency like gum rather than slime that the kids play with.  Hey funny note, the card that came with it states to wash your hands before and after... Well that's for sure!  You have to wash your hands after or you'll be sticking to everything! Sorry, this isn't even one I'll be passing off to the kids.  

Goodwipes - Down There Wipes For Gals would be great for those days when aunt flow returns without notice.  I think I'll stash those in my purse! 

Hubby's going to try out the DayClear - Allergy Relief.  His allergies are kicking his butt!  I'll update this part later.  

Finally, the Real Chemistry - Fresh-Start Foaming Cleanser,  has a light and fresh scent and really made my face feel clean and soft.  This is probably something I would order again.  

The Daily Goodie Box has been a fun experience.  Like I said, I love trying new products and none of these were something that I would have ordered on my own but there are several that I would like to use again.  So the Daily Goodie Box is definitely worth signing up for.  Sometimes you can get in sometimes you may have to wait.  Either way when you get your first box, make sure you go back and tell them what you think so you can get another one the following month!  

Sign up on the website link below! 

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We received one or more of the products mentioned above in exchange for an honest and non-biased review. While we have been compensated for our review with the product, our reviews our our own opinion based on our personal experience and realize our experiences may be different than our readers.  

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